passion to art, a dedication to aesthetics and a devotion for hard work are the strong character traits that have compelled Julian Koegel and Gloria Sarah Dieth to give rise to a brand notorious for both unbridled luxury and street style.

Julian and Gloria, both born in 1987 in Germany met each other in their early childhood while attending the boarding school Salem at the beautiful lake Constance.

After studying fashion & management Gloria was working as a creative director in milan several years. In 2013 Les Éclaires was founded and soon it became clear that next to the creative mind a strong business talent was needed to drive Les Éclaires towards success – this is when Julian entered the company in early 2014, after attaining several degrees in London during his business studies.

Since then the company continued to grow and mayor milestones were reached by moving the companys headquarter to the beautiful city munich and by expanding the distribution to five showrooms located around the globe.

Till today our every day challenge is always to live up to the expectations of our customers all over the world.

Les Éclaires is a young luxury fashion label, which is inspired by the symbiosis of urban streetstyle and high end couture.

Street Fashion literally blew the minds of a whole generation.

Les Éclaires is taking things one-step further by adapting the tribalism of this style and incorporating luxury and exclusivity.

We do not have a game plan - everything just comes together in a way that is yet to be matched! Creativity combined with hypnotic luxury is the way forward and provides a distinctive edge that has not been seen before.

Our aim is to provide true lovers with a brand that will make them feel special while portraying positivity!

les eclaires